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Storytime Readers

Wybór działu:

Anna and her father discover how helpful animals can be when humans are in danger.

Follow Chicken Licken as he spreads the word – the sky is falling down! Should everyone believe him? Or should they take a closer look?

Talking to strangers can be very dangerous as Red Riding Hood discovers. Will she learn her lesson in time?

Join Santa as he prepares to make his magical journey around the world, bringing presents to good children everywhere.

When a jealous queen tries to kill Snow White, her seven little friends fear they have lost their princess forever. Will she ever return to life?

There is no doubt that Harry Hare can run faster than Timmy Tortoise, but will that be enough for him to win the race?

The well-known story which shows how help can sometimes come from unexpected sources.

Homer thinks that telling lies is good fun - until one day something happens to make him change his ways.

A sister´s love and her loyalty to her brothers almost costs her her life, but she risks everything to free them from the witch´s spell.

Will a wicked stepmother and her daughters get their way? Or will Cinderella´s glass slipper lead her handsome prince to her at last?

How will brother and sister, Hansel and Gretel, find their way out of the dark forest and back to their father?

Poor Hasan! His trousers are too long and it seems that nobody will help him to shorten them. What will he wear on the holiday?

An unlikely hero, the clever Puss in Boots, saves the day in more than one way!

Rapunzel grows up inside a high tower, with only a few animals for company. How can she escape her boring life and the old witch who keeps her locked up?

The cricket spends the warm summer days playing and singing while the ant collects food. What will happen when winter comes?

This story, set in Ancient Greece, tells of how a father finds a clever way to teach his sons the value of working together instead of fighting with each other.

A mermaid falls in love with a prince from the land of men, but what is the price she has to pay to be able to walk by his side?

Who was the real Santa Claus? This old traditional German tale tells the story of why Santa wears a red coat and where he got his magical sleigh and reindeer.

The little kids discover the hard way that following their mother´s instructions is always for the best.

Three princes seek the hand of a princess in marriage. All three bring strange and magical gifts, but who will the princess choose?

A school trip to the rainforest goes wrong when Pablo gets sick, but who can help them so far from home?

Things are about to change for young Aladdin! The genie of the lamp is here to help, but the evil magician has a plan of his own!

When an angry fairy casts an evil spell, Princess Rose sleeps for a hundred years. Will the prince of her dreams ever find her and wake her?

What can King Krak do to save his people from the terrible Cracow Dragon? The bravest knights in Cracow try to kill the vicious creature that terrifies everyone in the town. Will anyone succeed?

Join this famous emperor as he learns to trust his own senses, rather than what others believe, to find the truth.

Prince Ivan has to marry a frog princess at his father´s command. But what will he do when he discovers her secret?

A holiday in a haunted castle turns out to be more of an adventure than Sam and Jane expected, but everything turns out well in the end.

How can the nightingale help a young man win the heart of a beautiful girl?

Father Martin waits for someone special on Christmas Eve and is disappointed until he realises that his visitor has already arrived.

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