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A daring bet takes Phileas Fogg on the adventure of a lifetime. But why is he being chased by police detective Fix? There´s more than money at stake in Jules Verne´s remarkable tale!

A horse´s life can be happy and free, or it can be hard and full of sadness. Follow Black Beauty through his carefree early years, until a deadly accident sends him into the hands of many owners - some kind, some cruel. Will he survive long enough to be happy again? Ride along on Anna Sewell´s moving tale of a beautiful black horse

Life in the workhouse is hard and Oliver escapes to London where he joins Fagin´s gang of young thieves. Will Oliver become like the others in the gang or can anybody save him from a life of crime?

Life among men is difficult for a wolf-dog. But life in the wild is even harder. White Fang has a choice to make. Will it be the right one?

A human baby is raised by a family of wolves and learns the laws of the jungle from a big brown panther. But as the boy grows into a man, his human nature begins to surprise him. Meet Mowgli´s amazing jungle friends and share their adventures in this heart-warming story of friendship, loyalty and love.

His father dies before David is born, but he is a very happy young boy - until his mother marries cruel Mr Murdstone. This is only the first of many changes, both good and bad, that David faces as he grows up and finally becomes a famous writer. This well-loved story invites us to share David´s happiness and sorrow, and get to know all the fascinating people, both good and bad, he meets along the way.

Leaving the grim reality of the war behind, the March family relishes the prospect of a bright future. Their struggle for survival is over. However, the new task they are faced with is not less challenging. Will they manage to fulfil their dreams and ambitions? Will they be the winners in their struggle against life?

Who is the dark stranger Jane meets one winter´s evening, and how will he change her life? And who is the mysterious woman who threatens to destroy Jane´s happiness just as her dreams are about to come true?

The March sisters and their mother are struggling to make a living, while their father is away fighting in the Civil War. Can they survive in this troubled time? More importantly, will Mr March return home safely?

Young Ishmael sets out on the whaling ship "Pequod" hoping to free himself from his earthly anger and sorrow. But the mad Captain Ahab, who hunts for the whale that tore off his leg, heads the great ship into dangerous waters. Will the "Pequod" return safely? Or will Ahab´s obsession with his mortal enemy end in death? Herman Melvilles´s fearsome adventure is the great American novel.

Who is the Opera Ghost? And who is training the young singer, Christine Daae? Gaston Leroux´s chilling tale uncovers the secrets behind the horror which haunts the Paris Opera House.

After strange lights appear on the planet Mars, large metal objects begin to fall out of the sky. What happens next changes the world forever. Will the people of Earth survive? What will happen to the society we know? And how can we avoid disaster?

How does fate join the paths of three different lives? How much is one of them willing to sacrifice when the French Revolution breaks out? The height of human goodness and the depth of its evil are captured in Charles Dickens´ passionate story of love, war and sacrifice.

Classic Readers to seria obejmującą uproszczone wersje arcydzieł angielskiej i amerykańskiej literatury. Książki znakomicie uzupełniają każdy kurs języka angielskiego, dając okazję nie tylko do rozwijania umiejętności językowych, ale także poznawania kultury i historii krajów anglojęzycznych.

On the way from his daughter´s wedding in Tunis, King Alonso´s ship is hit by a violent storm that threatens everyone´s lives, including his brother´s and the Duke of Milan´s.

Heathcliff and Cathy love each other deeply but in a strange turn of events, she marries someone else and dies in childbirth. Heathcliff is heartbroken and vows to get even with those who took her away from him. Will he succeed? What happens to Cathy´s daughter? Will Heathcliff ever find peace?

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