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It was the year 1867. Some sailors said that they saw a dangerous, giant monster living in the cold waters of the ocean. Some ships tried to find it and kill it, but they never returned. People said it looked like a whale. "It was 300 feet long and a mile wide!" "Water came out of its back. It was like a big underwater explosion!"

"Beauty, I love you. Do you love me? Will you marry me?" What should she say? She was afraid of him... And so she said, "No, Beast. You are kind, but I don´t love you. And I don´t want to marry you." At this the Beast let out a roar of anger and pain. "Why don´t you love me? Am I so ugly?!" he shouted at the terrified Beauty and left the room...

When the men were all looking at the treasure, something like a black shadow came to the top of the stairs... It stayed back in the darkness of the stairs until the men moved the chest to their boats... No one could see it, but the shadow was really a ghost that looked like a pirate... No one could see him, but it was Blackbeard and the treasure was his to watch...

Professor Lidenbrock finds a strange message in an old book. He sets off with his nephew Axel on a dangerous journey under a volcano to find - the centre of the Earth! The Professor and Axel have many amazing adventures along the way, and even see prehistoric monsters! But will they find the centre of the Earth?

Simon heard a woman scream, then a gunshot. There was another shot and the sound of glass breaking. Simon fell to the floor and crawled towards the kitchen. Rocky was in there, barking and jumping at the kitchen door. Simon held Rocky in his arms to keep him quiet, then he listened. A car door opened and closed, then the car drove quickly away.

Scrooge is rich, but mean and miserable. He particularly hates Christmas. His assistant, Bob Cratchitt, is poor but happy, even though his son, Tiny Tim is very ill. One Christmas, three ghosts visit Scrooge to show him his past, his present and the terrible future. Will this soften Scrooge´s heart and change him into a generous man?

26 March 1886, I cannot control him any longer. He comes when he wants and there is nothing I can do about it. Soon, everyone will know. What can I do? He's coming. I know he is. I can feel it. This time he will stay for ever...

It was fun for Kathy to work with William and the others at the Helping Hand Club ... until she met the strange lady in Room 16 at the Old People's Home. The lady's story about Hampton House and its master changed her life completely! Now everybody suspects her of being a liar and, worst of all, William won't speak to her again. Will anybody believe her?

Acrisius could not see it, but there was a thin opening in the rock in front of the Priestess, and something like white smoke was coming out of it. It was the message Apollo was sending her. The Priestess listened to the smoke as it moved past her, and she waited until it left before she spoke. "The only child you and your wife will have is the one you have now. You will not have a son, but your daughter will. You must be careful of this child because one day he will kill you." "My daughter's son? But why? How can I stop this from happening?"

I walked to the highest part of the island and looked around. The island was quite large, but there were no people on it. I looked out to sea, and there were no boats. "Why," I thought, "did this happen to me? But I'm still alive. There must be some reason for that."

Is there anything that can make sad Prince Zigfried happy again? Why is he so attracted to the beautiful white swan with the golden crown? Will he find his bride among all the princesses his mother has invited to the Royal Ball? How much harm can evil Rocford and his daughter do? Will love be the winner once again?

When Uncas, the Mohican Indian, first saw the Englishwoman, he immediately fell in love with her. But he could not imagine at the time the price he would pay for this love. Could his white brother, Hawkeye, help him? Will the Mohican tribe manage to survive in the end?

Will Uther keep his promise and give his son to Merlin? Who will be the one to pull Excalibur out of the rock and become the ruler who will unite England? Is love enough to beat hatred and save Arthur and Lancelot's friendship? Will Morgan Le Fay's evil plans succeed? Will peace ever return to England?

"Frankenstein, for that is your name, isn't it? Or should I call you 'Father'?" "Call me what you like." "Why did you bring me into this world of hate, Frankenstein?" I was surprised by how well he spoke. "It is not a world of hate. It is a world of love." "Love? What is love? You have shown me no love. The world has shown me nothing but hate!"

The burned man turned towards his burned friend on the other trolley. He put his hand onto his friend´s hand. "J ... a ... k ... e!" But that was his last word. He died, with his hand in the hand of his friend. "Can you hear me? Jake, did you say?" The nurse lifted the dead man's hand away from his friend's and laid it across his chest.

Osiris held up the blue scarab. "This is what we will use to speak to the living. Through this the souls of the dead will be judged. We hope that the living will understand what we say..." When Monica found out the importance of what she had hanging around her neck, she decided to use it for the best. But can she save the souls of her loved ones? Only the Blue Scarab can help Osiris judge...

Having heard the noises from within the tavern, Will left the safety of the hut and crept towards a hole in the tavern wall. He could no longer see his father but he saw his mother, and as she struggled with the furious Shivan, she caught sight of her son through the hole... "Run, Will!" "But ...!" "Forget about us! Save yourself!"

Alfred held the telegram under the lamp and started reading: "Dracula Village 10th November, 1895 Will always remember my visit to England and particularly meeting you and your remarkable friend who knows so much about bats. I have bad news. I am dying and badly in need of your help. I wish to clear the Dracula name before I leave this world. Please come quickly."

Commander Maxwell looked at the screen in silence. What he saw was a spaceship - about half a mile long, with what appeared to be a tiny control cabin at the front... Who are the two mysterious men asking Capricorn Alpha´s crew for help? What is their grave secret? Who or what has been lurking deep inside the visiting vessel´s hold? Can death beat life?

When Orpheus looked inside, he saw that he was standing in front of a river with fire burning on its surface. There was an old man there with wild, white hair, standing next to a boat.

Ddraig's clothes were full of his dust, Vira shattered the crystal with a bolt of lightning, scattering fragments that mixed with the dust. The clothes glowed as dust turned to flesh... Ddraig's awakening had well and truly begun...

Dorian remembered the wish he had made at Basil's. He had said that he wished the portrait would grow old and ugly while he remained young and beautiful. But could such things come true? Dorian didn't think so. But what about the portrait? It had changed.

Should D'Artagnan keep his promise and protect the headstrong and selfish King Louis or should he do what was right for France and put Philippe on the throne? But will Philippe really be a better king than Louis? Alexandre Dumas' thrilling tale of one man´s struggle with his conscience takes us into 17th century France and examines the lives of people in power and those at their mercy.

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