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CLIL Readers Primary

Wybór działu:

Baby Animals looks at animals and their young from a scientific perspective. Which animals give birth to live babies? Which animals work together as a team to bring up their babies?

Music all Around looks into the wonderful world of music and the different musical instruments in an orchestra. What does the word orchestra mean? Which is the biggest family in an orchestra? Which is the loudest?

Wonderful Wheels explores the way wheels help to make our everyday lives easier. How can wheels help around the house? How many bicycles are there in the world? What kind of vehicles can you see on a farm?

Animal Camouflage (Science) explores the amazing ways animals are able to disguise themselves in order to survive. What colour are many arctic animals? How can a caterpillar scare a bird? Which spider has got a clever hiding place?

Healthy Eating (Design & Technology) focuses on the popular topic of food and what we need to eat to keep our bodies fit and healthy! Which foods give us strong teeth and bones? Which foods give us energy? Which foods should we stay away from?

The Weather (Geography) takes a closer look at all aspects of the weather and how it affects everyone, everywhere! Where are the hottest places on Earth? How can we tell when it is going to rain? How do we measure the temperature?

Let’s Celebrate! takes a look at some popular festivals around the world. Which festival includes dragons, decorations and the colour red? Where can you see blazing bonfires and fabulous fireworks in November?

No Bones! goes deep into the Animal Kingdom to find out about invertebrates. What is the largest invertebrate in the world? Which animals can change their shape and colour? Which invertebrates have got a poisonous bite?

A World of Art takes a look at different art forms and explores the many ways artists express themselves! What is a landscape painting? What is pottery made of? Where can you see a mural?

The Solar System (Science) looks up to the skies to answer some questions about our solar system. How many planets are there? Which planet has got the most moons? Where can you find the highest volcano in our solar system?

Welcome to the UK (Geography) takes a trip around the UK to discover more about England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. What is the Union Jack? What is the highest mountain in Wales? Where can you find one of the most famous golf courses in the world?

The Age of the Dinosaurs (History) goes back in time to look at some of the most amazing animals ever to walk the Earth! How long did dinosaurs inhabit our planet? Which dinosaur was one of the fiercest predators ever? Which other strange creatures lived alongside the dinosaurs?

Weird Animals puts the spotlight on some of the strange and unusual creatures of the animal kingdom. What is the fastest-eating animal in the world? Which monkey looks like a super hero? Which animals are called the vacuum cleaners of the sea?

Ancient Egypt (History) goes back in time to look at one of the most important civilisations in history. How and why did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids? What was daily life like? What were some of their inventions?

The Circulatory System (Science) examines the wonders of the human anatomy to find out how blood is transported around the body. What are the three main parts of the circulatory system? What other systems are connected to the circulatory system? What is the most important muscle in your body?

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