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Short Tales

Wybór działu:

Short Tales to nowa, sześciopoziomowa seria readersów dla dzieci. Docelowo seria ma obejmować po sześć krótkich, pięknie ilustrowanych opowiadań na każdym z sześciu poziomów zaawansowania językowego. Opowiadaniam towarzyszą słowniczki obrazkowe, ćwiczenia językowe oraz pomysły na zadania plastyczno-techniczne. Do każdej książki papierowej dołączono kod aktywacyjny do DigiBooka!

Penny Hen wants to go on a trip, but there’s one problem: she can’t take her eggs with her. Can her friends help her?

Ellie the Elephant wants to play with the other young animals, but they are not very kind to her. Who can help her make friends?

Cleo is a happy young camel who loves to travel through the desert with her master. But what happens when she listens to music for the first time?

A very hungry group of friends fly into the city, looking for food. They visit many places until they find something yummy to eat, but is it safe for them?

When Betty Bear sees a new pupil in class she wants to be friends with her. But Sally isn’t so friendly. What can Betty do?

Harry is a brave little hare who doesn't like to hide when he walks through the forest. So, how can he get away when a fox catches him? 

Shady and Leafy are the animals' most favourite trees in the forest, but two woodcutters want to cut the down. How can the animals save the friends?

Bruno is a friendly bear who loves fishing. One day he has to change the way he fishes to catch his favourite fish, and he catches a cold. What can he do to feel better? 

Freddy Frog is tired of living in the same place and wants to travel. When he gets up on a mountain he thinks that living there would be wonderful – until Leo Lion teaches him why living at home is important.

Max Mouse loves reading, and he will do anything to read more books – even go to a house with a big cat like Casper. What will Max do when Casper finds him?

Jelani needs wood to keep his family and village warm during the cold winter, but cutting down a tree in his forest is very difficult. What will Jelani do, and how can a baby elephant he meets help the kind man?

Olly, the baby orangutan, is sad that he can’t jump like the monkeys. How will his mother teach him that being different is OK?

Fabio the farmer has a lot of lazy donkeys on his farm. He needs a new one that will work hard for him. Will Diego the donkey pass his test and get the job?

When the people of Hamelin face a serious rat problem, the Mayor agrees to pay a young man in colourful clothes to get rid of the rats. What will happen when the Mayor refuses to pay the agreed amount?

What does Rooney Rooster need to be happy? Do crowns, titles and riches make him happy? Will a shiny pearl he finds in the garden make him happy?

Oona Owl and her friends sleep happily during the day when a cheeky grasshopper decides to come and sing near their tree. What will Oona do to make him stop?

King Lion never rests. He works hard all day to keep all the animals safe and happy. What can the tired king do to live a healthy and happy life as well?

Santa wants a new golden suit for Christmas Eve but needs help from his elves to make it. Will they finish it in time, or will Santa wear his old red suit again?

A mother sheep decides to take her kids on a holiday to Antarctica. She needs her wool to make jumpers to keep warm. How is she going to tell her friends that she can’t give them her wool this year?

A fairy becomes friends with a little girl who lives with her grandma. The fairy will need the girl’s help to get her magic shell back from a cruel giant. Without the shell, the forest she lives in won’t bloom again.

Two monkeys find a tree full of plums and start picking them. Something goes wrong and they leave them. But a clever squirrel knows what to do with the plums.

A hippo decides to lose weight to wear her favourite skirt on her birthday. Can she do it or will she give up?

A king decides to find the best husband for his daughter. He is searching for the mightiest of all, only to discover that appearances are not always what they seem.

Kelly Kangaroo invites her friend Fleecy for a holiday in Australia. They decide to visit the country fair, but Kelly loses her pouch when they get on a ride. Will she find it, and how can her friends help her?

Erin is an elephant that lives in the jungle. One day she helps a man who is lost, return home. But the man is greedy and wants to steal Erin’s tusks to make money. What will Erin do?

Dave and Dale are two drops of water. They live in the countryside. One day, they decide to visit the city. They are both surprised to see how polluted the city is. Is there a way to save the environment? What advice will a new friend give them?

Dassies are animals with no tails. Legend says that there is a reason they don’t have one. Why didn’t Dani Dassie get a tail? Was it her fault?

William and Wendy are poor but generous people. Every day, they leave food for Fay, a fairy who lives in a well. Fay thanks them by leaving a gold coin each time. What will happen when two jealous neighbours want the gold coins for themselves?

Wade is a woodcutter. One day he finds a big scary lion in the jungle. The lion is in pain. What will Wade do? Will he help the lion or will he run away?

On a cold winter day, a farmer named Fred decides to cut wood for his family. On his way back home from the forest, he meets a freezing snake. Can the snake be trusted? Should the farmer help it?

Susan and Sandy are sisters who fly on a magic carpet to a palace in a faraway land. They meet a prince and his sick mother the queen. Will the sisters help the queen? Why does Sandy want to marry the prince?

Randy is a young rooster that likes to sleep all day. He never wakes up in the morning to crow. What will happen when the hens in his coop become angry with him? Will Randy change his ways or will they chase him away?

An army of greedy mice at war with weasels for more food and land. They lose every time because they do not know how to fight. The mice now have three new generals, but will they be able to lead them to victory?

Herbert is a curious boy who goes on a trip with his father to the forest. He wants to touch a porcupine, even though his father told him it is dangerous. Why are porcupines dangerous? Will Herbert listen to his father?

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