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Alice is bored and sleepy. Then she sees a white rabbit in a waistcoat, carrying a pocket watch. She follows him down a rabbit hole, into a magical world where very strange things happen. Wonderland is never boring – bur how can Alice get home again?

Wendy Darling lives with her parents and two younger brothers in London. One night she has an unexpected visitor, Peter Pan the boy who refuses to grow up, along with his Fairy Tinkerbell. Peter Pan takes the kids to the magical world of Neverland where they meet The Lost Boys and face Captain Cook, a terrible pirate who's after Peter Pan. Who will be the winner?

Ivanushka lives with his father and two brothers on a farm. One day the farmer´s wheat field is trampled, so he sends his sons to find out what has caused it. That night, Ivanushka catches Sivka-Burka, a beautiful magical horse. Ivanushka´s life is about to change forever.

A kind old fisherman lives with his wife in a small house. The fisherman works hard, but he is very poor. One day he catches a small golden fish. When the fisherman lets the fish go, his wife is very angry. She wants the golden fish to make her rich. Will the golden fish grant her wish?

Dorothy is a farm girl from Kansas. She is lonely and dreams of a better place, so she plans to run away. During a tornado she is transported to a land "beyond the rainbow" where she meets magical characters. After lots of adventures she and her friends are rewarded by the Wizard of Oz and she is enabled to go back home to Kansas.

The Canterville ghost has been haunting Canterville Chase for 300 years, scaring everyone who dares to live or work there. This all changes though, when a family of bold and brash Americans comes to live in his ancestral home. Instead of being scared by the ghost, they start playing tricks on him!

Prokopych, a stone carver, takes in an orphan named Danila. With Prokopych´s help, Danila develops into a very skilled stone carver. Danila hears the story of the Stone Flower, which belongs to the Mistress of Copper Mountain and begins to think about the Stone Flower all the time.

Meet Toad, Mole, Rat and Badger... four lovable characters who behave more like people than animals. Follow them on a wild adventure as Toad gets into a lot of trouble and must fight the evil weasels. How will his friends help him? And will Toad learn his lesson?

Prince Hamlet´s father is dead, and, to make matters worse, his Uncle Claudius has taken the throne and married his recently widowed mother. His father´s ghost reveals that his death was not an accident and demands that the young prince takes revenge on those responsible.  

Life changes dramatically for Eliza Doolittle, a modern Cinderella who is being transformed from a common flower girl into a lady. Her lessons with Professor Higgins prove valuable for both of them in different ways. But who is to learn their lesson better? Who is to find out that proper pronunciation cannot make up for improper manners?

Antonio is a wealthy and popular merchant in Venice. His friend Bassanio needs money to travel to Belmont, where he hopes he can marry the beautiful Portia. Antonio has no cash, so he goes to Shylock, a moneylender. Shylock will lend the money, but on one condition...

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