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A Midsummer Night's Dream
William Shakespeare retold by Steve Carter & Virginia Evans
Poziom 2 (A2)

The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle retold by V. Evans & J. Dooley; Poziom 2 (A2)

The Mysterious Island
Jules Verne retold by Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley
Poziom 2 (A2)

The Speckled Band
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle retold by Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley
Poziom 2 (A2)

Treasure Island
Robert Louis Stevenson retold by Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley
Poziom 2 (A2)

David Copperfield
Charles Dickens retold by
Virginia Evans
Poziom 3 (A2)
Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespeare retold by Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley
Poziom 3 (A2)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain retold by V. Evans & J. Dooley Poziom 3 (A2)
The Creeping Man Sir Arthur Conan Doyle retold by Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley
Poziom 3 (A2)

The Prisoner of Zenda Anthony Hope retold by Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley
Poziom 3 (A2)
The Time Machine H. G. Wells retold by Virginia Evans & Jenny Dooley
Poziom 3 (A2)

Opis serii

Illustrated Readers to nowa seria znanych literackich arcydzieł i legend, którym nadano formę lektur przeznaczonych dla uczniów interesujących się historią i kulturą krajów anglojęzycznych. Atrakcyjna szata graficzna i przyjazny układ czynią z nich znakomite uzupełnienie każdego kursu języka angielskiego.


Najważniejsze cechy

  • wprowadzenie uczniów w wieku od 11 lat w obszar kultury i historii krajów anglojęzycznych
  • piękne ilustracje oraz jasny i przyjazny układ ułatwiający śledzenie intrygi
  • forma kolorowego komiksu przemawiająca do młodego czytelnika
  • lektury podzielone na epizody (w zależności od poziomu jest ich 8 – 10)
  • każdemu epizodowi (dwie strony) towarzyszy strona ćwiczeń zawierająca zadania do wykonania:
    • przed przeczytaniem epizodu
    • podczas czytania
  • płyta CD zawiera w pełni udramatyzowane nagranie lektury oraz odpowiedzi do ćwiczeń
  • w każdej lekturze czytelnik znajdzie:
    • biografię autora
    • krótkie streszczenie intrygi
    • opis bohaterów
    • słownik obrazkowy ilustrujący trudniejsze słownictwo.


Spis komponentów

Książeczka (Reader)

Płyta Audio CD/Multi-ROM


Treść lektury

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Hermia and Lysander decide to get married and run into the forest. Demetrius and Helena follow them. Oberon, the King of the Fairies, and Puck, his mischievous helper, play tricks and use a magic potion. The result is an unforgettable Midsummer Night!

The Hound of the Baskervilles

For hundreds of years the legend of a hound on the moors has terrified everyone, especially the Baskerville family. Sir Henry is the last of the Baskervilles and his life is in danger. Can the brilliant detective, Sherlock Holmes, save Sir Henry´s life and solve the mystery of the black hound with eyes of fire?

The Mysterious Island

One night, four men and a boy, who are prisoners of war, escape in a hot air balloon. They travel for five days in a dangerous storm and then crash on a very strange island. During their adventures on the island, they realise that someone is watching and helping them. Who is this unknown person? And will they ever escape from the Mysterious Island?

The Speckled Band

Two years ago her sister, Julia, died in mysterious circumstances. Now Helen is terrified that her life is in danger. Can the brilliant detective, Sherlock Holmes, solve Julia´s murder and save Helen?

Treasure Island

Jim Hawkins, a boy with large appetite for adventure, runs an inn with his mother on the south coast of England. One day, an old sea captain, once part of the famous Captain Flint´s crew, comes to the inn. When the sea captain suddenly dies, Jim finds himself with the captain´s map of Treasure Island. He and his friends find a ship and set sail to find the buried treasure. But soon they find out that their crew is full of pirates. Will they get the treasure or be left at the pirates´ mercy?

David Copperfield

His father dies before David is born, but he is a very happy young boy - until his mother marries cruel Mr Murdstone. This is only the first of many changes, both good and bad, that David faces as he grows up and finally becomes a famous writer. This well-loved story invites us to share David´s happiness and sorrow, and get to know all the fascinating people, both good and bad, he meets along the way.

Romeo & Juliet

It was love at first sight for Romeo and Juliet, but their two families have fought each other for years. Can Romeo and Juliet survive the hatred and find happiness together?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn and Jim are both running away - Jim from life as a slave and Huck from his evil father. So they set off on a raft down the mighty Mississippi River and there are lots of adventures along the way!

The Creeping Man

Why would a dog suddenly attack its master? Why would a respected Professor disappear for two weeks without telling anyone where he went? And why, upon his return, would he begin to act in a strange and scary way, creeping around in the house and garden on all fours? Can brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Dr Watson help the Professor and solve the mystery of the Creeping Man?

The Prisoner of Zenda

Evil Duke Michael poisons his brother to stop him from becoming the King of Ruritania. Young Rudolf Rassendyll just happens to look like the poisoned prince. So Rudolf finds himself involved in a thrilling adventure in which he must pretend to be the King and fight Duke Michael to save the country.


The Time Machine

Far in the future, the Time Traveller finds the human race has changed. Here, the Eloi are simple people who are attacked by the evil Morlocks from their underground world. When he fails to help the Eloi, he travels even further into the future and sees a lifeless planet. He then makes one final journey...

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